Welcome from Best Life Therapeutics

Congratulations!! The fact that you are on this site right now says a lot. Something has motivated you to seek help and support for you alone, your family or with your significant other.  No matter the reason, the step that you are about to take is  life changing and we look forward to going along with you on your journey.

At Best Life Therapeutic’s, we like to take a team approach to the therapeutic process. We come in as the “mental health professional”, but you are the “life professional” and the team lead, since you are the professional on your life. Us working together as a team, gives you the opportunity to gather the tools you’ll need to live your best life. 


Meet Our Therapists


Best Life’s therapists are fully licensed to practice in the state of Virginia. They are  licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage & family therapist and licensed professional counselors. A fully licensed therapist has a master’s degree and has completed required post-graduate supervised training. Our residents in counseling are master’s level clinicians, completing their clinical supervision hours for independent licensure under an independently licensed clinician. 

Living Your Best is Our Mission

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